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Be Kind to Front-end Web Developers Day

Yesterday, the world did not end.


So, today is "Be kind to front-end web developers day".

Today, we pretend that bugs, Internet Explorer 8 and below, Retina Devices and low bandwidth DO NOT EXIST.

We pretend that older browsers look like shit on your Web 3.0 site.

We pretend that old Android is some guy sitting in a coffeeshop, writing a novel about his World War 2 scars, and not some buggy OS/browser that makes you scream, silently.

We pretend that everyone uses Chrome or Opera.

We pretend that clients do not ask why the red on their webpage looks brighter on a MAC and then don't believe us when we insist we're using the same hexadecimal value for red, NO MATTER what the device.

We pretend that CSS is not pretending to be some half-ass hybrid between a styling and a programming language.

We pretend that CSS does not fight with itself.

We pretend that when push comes to shove, jQuery will solve all our problems.

We pretend that jQuery IS JavaScript.

We pretend that version control is fun.

We pretend that it didn't take us 30 hours to fix that ridiculous bug, because really, today there are no bugs.

Today is "Be kind to front-end web developers day".


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