Icon Font Design

- Please view in a modern browser.

- Neither text-shadow nor gradients will render on IE9.
Since I'm only using the W3 standards syntax for gradients (and no vendor prefixes), demo will work as expected in current IE, FF, Chrome, Opera. You can add a solid background colour (for IE 8) and other vendor prefixes for Safari and older browsers, if you're using in production code.

Vanilla Icons

Vanilla Icons with text shadow

Solid Color Icons

Gradient Icons - Subtle

Gradient Icons - Contrast

Gradient Icons - Sharp Line

Gradient Icons - Letterpress effect

Solid Icons - Embossed effect

Gradient Icons - Shadow

Solid Color Icons - Thick Border

Solid Icons - Circular

Solid Icons - Circular, Thin Border

Gradient Icons - Circular, Outer Glow

Gradient Icons - Circular, Inner Glow

Gradient Icons - Leaf Shape

Solid Icons - Folded corners